Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Finally back!

I am finally back with a new computer.
Been using my iPod touch for all of my internet things for almost a month and a half, so I am happy to be back on a proper laptop.
The one I bought is called... Let me check... Asus K53E... I think...

I will update more in a few days, but right now I have to focus on work and other things at home.

See you guys around :)


- Melissa

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Drunk gamer?

Yeah, I'm sitting here at 3.30 pm drinking gin and tonic and playing pokemon black.
I had some gin in the kitchen and I bought some tonic water last week, so I figured I'd make myself a drink.

I'm gaming like cray cray these days to prepare for the Pokemon League.
Need to level up all of the pokemon I've catched and get them up to at least level 35.
Definitely a good way to kill time when I'm bored.
Usually I can play for almost 4 hours without looking at the time.
Probably not a good thing, though.

I should feed the cat.
She going slightly mad in the kitchen.


- Melissa