Sunday, 20 February 2011

I actually made dinner

Yes I did.
And I didnt burn anything.
Not even the firealarm went off.
That's gotta be some sort of record.
At least for me.
I made spagetti and meatballs in pastasauce.

I havent eaten this much in one meal in forever and five days.
Wasn't as good as mum's cooking, but I must admit I'm proud of myself.
I've kind of realized that I can't go through life not knowing how to cook properly.
I'm starting with the basics and maybe one day, I'll be able to make a three course dinner.
Not making any plans yet, though.

The funny part is that I suck a cooking, but I'm great at baking.
I love making cakes, cupcakes and other goodies.
I remember I was hooked on making cupcakes a few years back.
I made close to 50 cupcakes every other day, which was crazy.
Think I gained a few kilos, so that scared me a bit.

But enough of me bragging.
I'm currently having a Sister Act marathon.
Laughing my ass off and enjoying the music.
Yes, I know my heart belongs to punk music, but I love gospel (even though I don't believe in God).
But whatever!

So I gotta jet.
See you around lovely people <3


- Melissa

Thursday, 17 February 2011

I'm in love!

So there's this bag that I've been drooling over since last year on the Asos site.
When I finally got around to buying it, they were sold out.
That literally made me so depressed, so I've been bitching to Wayne (poor guy) about the fact that they sold out.
I guess he got so sick of me ranting on and on about that bloody bag.
So then I got this in the mail:

The bag of my dreams <3
The bag I've been drooling over for about 6 months.
I posted a video of me opening the package, but since I showed my address I'm not going to put it on public.
I might add a little clip of it in my next vlog, though.

But anyways:

I love it!


- Melissa

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Another Computer Bites The Dust

So my Acer Aspire is dead and now I'm sitting here without a computer, which sucks.
Going to try to fix my IBM Lenovo, but I really hate that computer.
Windows 7 my ass!
I miss XP so much.
I want to get a macbook, but I can't afford it and I dont wanna buy a computer on credit.
It's not that I can't afford paying a certain amount of money a month, but since my future is a bit uncertain, I don't wanna go crazy..
I'm gonna nag my grandad to fix it.
I'm not THAT smart that I can fix dead ass computers..
But anyways:

I gotta jet.

Byes ^_^

- Melissa

Sunday, 13 February 2011


Thank geezer it's sunday!
Figured I shouldn't say 'god' since I'm an atheist, so I had to come up with another word.
Don't want christians to get pissed off at me.

I'm playing farmville on facebook at the moment.
My farm looks like a complete mess so I have to fix it up a little.
I lack creative talent when it comes to decorating so this is going to be interesting.

Over to the weather report:
We have about -13 C and a shitload of snow here.
I am so done with winter now.
I basically have to climb a tiny snowmountain just to throw the trash in the trashcan.
Neither of us in the house feels like shoveling snow 4 times a day.

But I have to get back to my farm and my podcasts.
Have a great sunday people.


- Melissa

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


This is the second time I'm watching the anime series called 'Nana'.
I really love the story, but I hate how it ends.

I guess I love the characters, the style and the music.
The first time I saw this show, I started to imagine how the people would look like in real life.
Then I searched on google today, I found some pictures and youtube videos of the movie they made and I was a bit disappointed.

But anyways:
If you ever get the chance to watch the 'Nana' series then go nuts :)

- Melissa

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Oh so funny!

I think it was last week when a friend on facebook posted a link to a youtube video and I literally freaked out.
It was a clip from the 90's show ''Boys meets world'' and that was an amazing show.
Basically, someone put together a few clips from the show and it's absolutely insane.

The bad part about this clip is that I watched it on repeat while at work.
So happy my boss wasn't around that day.
I was sitting in the breakroom laughing and spilling coffee all over the place.
Had to go straight to my youtube favorites.

I just wanted to share this with you and I hope you have an awesome weekend!


- Melissa