Saturday, 23 April 2011

Hello Spring!

Finally I can say that spring is here.
Felt so amazing to go out for a walk today.
Even though it was just a short walk to the grocerystore, I still got to enjoy the awesome weather.
I might have to go out for a longer walk tomorrow if this weather continues.
Still have some snow, but hopefully it will melt soon.
The view from around where I live of Narvik City.
That bloody boat was in the way, though.
You get the idea of  how it is here now.
I just realized that I have a vlog to edit and upload.
Better start now or else I'll either be too lazy to finish or I'll fall asleep on my laptop (which actually has happened before).

Have an amazing saturday night :)


- Melissa

Friday, 22 April 2011

Epic eating fail!

I have always wanted to be a pro chopstick eater, but since I can barely eat properly with a knife and fork, you can't expect me to manage the art of using chopsticks.
I did snag some chopsticks when I was at Mizu in Brentwood last summer and I still have those.
So I decided to try using them today.
Looks totally disgusting, but it was so yummy.
Don't really know how to explain what it is in norwegian, so I'm not even going to try.
I did however, manage to eat with the chopsticks without dropping any food on the floor.
That is rather amazing, because I tend to drop everything.

But anyways...
It's been a long, boring ass day and I better head to bed.
Nighty night people :)


- Melissa

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Nailpolish obsession

I absolutely love nailpolish and especially red and black.
I was watching Going The Distance with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long today and I decided to paint my nails while I was watching.
I put on a coat of black graffiti on both of my pinkyfingers just to spice it up.
For some reason, I always feel good when I put on red nailpolish.
I can't really describe it, but I prefer red on my fingers and toes no matter what time of year it is.
Some girls love to wear dark colours in the fall/winter and go for bright and fun colours in the summer/spring.
I guess you could say that red nails are my fashion trademark.

But before I get superglued to my chair, I better get off my ass and do the dishes.
Not a lot this time, but I am VERY lazy today.
Uploading my new random thursday vlog as I type this, so I'll have that in the background.

Happy Easter everyone :)


- Melissa

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Happy Easter!

I'm off for the new 5 days.
I guess I have more time to catch up on my reading, youtube vlogs, cleaning and maybe even do a live show on Stickam this weekend.
Whatever I decide to do, I don't have to stress about getting up early, so that's good.
What are you guys up to?
Or are you like me and never really plan anything?

I did try out my Viva La Diva nailpolishes yesterday.
I did every other nail pink and the rest bright green.
The pink one is number 48 and the green one is 112.
Gorgeous colours, but they have already chipped.
Didn't last 24 hours without chipping and it takes forever to dry.
So I'm not going to repurchase these.
I can find better ones from Depend for half the price, anyways.

As I'm writing this I realize that I'm late for my bus to town, so I better jet.
Have a great day, guys :)


- Melissa

Monday, 18 April 2011

Everything has changed!

So I'm sitting here at home just thinking about these past few weeks and how much everything has changed.
My boyfriend came all the way from California to visit me and I knew that certain things would change within a week.
But I had no idea how much it would change.
But I'll get to that soon...

We've been out and about every single day at different places to have lunch and dinner.
The one place we went back to at least 3 times was Viva Italia.
Decent food at a decent price.
I fell in love with this dish.
A chicken toast with a salad and currydressing.
Hated the dressing, though.
The feta cheese kind of put me off to begin with, but I am now officially in love with that stuff.
I always avoided it in the grocerstore because it looks slightly gross in the jar, but I'm picking some up the next time I go shopping.

We took a tiny little roadtrip to Harstad on friday just so my friend Even could eat at Dolly Dimples.
The food was okay, but I still prefer Peppes Pizza.
Other than that, we just walked around town.

We also went bowling earlier last week, and I got my ass kicked.
Never really been good, but I had a period years ago, when I went bowling every week.
But anyways...

The biggest news of the week:
I got engaged! <3
I'm so happy!
But this also means that I'm moving to California.
But I have to get my visa first.
Oh lordy!
I'm in for an interesting year.
I'll keep you posted on my blog.
Won't be going on and on about this on my youtube channel.

Thanks for all the lovely comments from the gorgeous people on facebook.
Means the world to me to have your support :)

I have a vlog to edit!
See you laters :)


- Melissa

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Oh motherfudging crap ass weather!

Don't even comment on the title of this post.
I had no idea what to call it.
I've been listening to the radio every morning at work and they were raving about spring and how lovely it is to get rid of all the snow.
Well, we're not that lucky in my town.

This was taken yesterday and it still looks like this today.
Spring is here, they say?
No, its bloody not!

Slightly pissed off, but what can I do?
Dont have the energy to sit around and be pissed off at something I can't change, so I shouldn't bother.

Wayne is coming to visit me tomorrow and he's staying for over a week, so that should be a nice distraction :)
I was hoping that he would get the opportunity to experience the Norwegian winter with 10x times more snow and -15 C, but I wasn't THAT lucky! ;)

Kind of mean, but seeing that he's from California, he doesn't really know what a real winter is, so it would have been hella funny to see his reaction to our ''lovely'' winter weather.

But I should probably start cleaning the place, so it doesnt look like Hitler's army took a dump in my apartment.

Have a great day everyone :)


- Melissa

Monday, 4 April 2011

That's dirty!

For some reason, I've been exhausted all day.
Even since before I got out of bed this morning.
But I still managed to be productive and clean the ceiling, the litterbox, the dishes and the floor.
Must admit that I was slightly grossed out when I looked at the mop after I was done cleaning the ceiling.

And this was after cleaning only 30% of it.
Nasty shit!

But it had to be done and now I'm pretty pleased with myself.
Gonna snuggle up in bed and go to sleep early.

I did find a funny tshrit at work last week and I forgot to put up a picture, but here it is:
It's in Norwegian, so some of you might not understand it, but whatever :)

Before I fall asleep in front of my laptop (again), I'm gonna post this and go to sleep.
Hope you had a nice relaxing start to the week :)


- Melissa

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sunday already?

Oh dear, the week is already over.
I've been so busy with loads of things that I haven't even had time to blog.

I got woken up around 5 am by Anna, who was making a shitload of noises, which is very unusual because she's the the most quiet cat in the world.
Apparently, she had just thrown up in the kitchen.
So I got up, cleaned it up and went back to bed, where I found Anna sleeping next to my pillow.
She looked so shabby and I felt so bad for her that I just let her sleep.
I don't really like having her in my bed because because of germs and all that stuff, but I didnt have the heart to wake her.

I slept a few more hours before I got up for good and when I was eating breakfast, she wanted to sleep in my lap.
Of course I couldn't say no and I saw this as a golden opportunity to take sleepypics of her:

She's so insanely cute when she sleeps and she sometimes makes funny noises too.
I love her <3

But after her little nap on my lap (LOL for choice of words) she started to look like her usual self.
Maybe she got sick because of those tiny rocks in her litterbox that she tends to eat all the time.
Silly cat!
But I'm glad she's feeling better now.

I am, on the other hand, not looking forward to tomorrow.
I have to set my alarm to 4:50 am and be at work around 6:30.
Hopefully, I won't have too much to do at work.
I hate starting off the week with a packed monday schedule.
So keeping my fingers crossed for that.

For some weird reason, I feel like I just had something to eat but it's been 5 hours and it's nearly dinnertime.
I suppose I have to get off my ass and make some dinner.
Have a great sunday everyone :)
Loving my X-Men shirt by the way <3


- Melissa