Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas madness!

So I ended up spending xmas with my mum even though I didn't really want to.
Same thing with my grandparents.
Every year on the 23rd we got to Ballangen, which is a 45 minute drive from where we live, and decorate the graves of people I don't even know/remember.
It's become this lame and insanely boring tradition, but I told them that this year would be my last.
As of next xmas, I'm going to start my own tradition and hopefully I would get a bigger apartment on the other side of town by then.
I really want to celebrate xmas in England next year but I'm not getting my hopes up.
I'm not even going to plan it, cause everytime I plan something, it just goes right down the shitter.
When it comes to my dream of living in England, I'll just have to be patient.
That's easier said than done.


I gave Anna a bath today and she really wasn't in the mood of a shower.
I'm tempted to rename her Spike because she looks like one of them fishes that blow up and have spikes all over.
No clue what they are called.
She looks so cute when she jumps out of the bathtub, stares at the door and almost starts singing.
I didn't really catch the lyrics, but I think it was something like this:

"Wade in the water"

No, I'm not being racist.
Not my fault that my cat is black.

No seriously, I'm not a racist, but can you really blame me for being a little "scared"?
Everytime something happens and you hear about it on the news, there always someone with a different culture behind it all.
I'm just giving my own personal opinion.
I have a lot of black friends and I'm not treating them any different than I treat my other friends, so don't even try to call me racist.
Enough of this subject though.

I'm going to have dinner with mum in about an hour and after that my bestfriend is picking me up to go bowling.
Looking forward to that :)

I gotta jet though, so I'll catch ya'll lovely oreos later!


- Melissa

Monday, 21 December 2009


I went to bed around 11 pm last night and I woke up at 2 am with no chance to go back to sleep.
After trying for like 45 minutes (which is some kind of a record for me, cause if I don't get to sleep I can't stay in bed) I got up, had a shower and all that usual stuff.
Now, I'm just sitting here scratching my ass waiting for the stores to open.

Can you tell I'm tired?

I'm so tired now that I'm listening to goofy music like vengaboys, aqua, westlife and a1.
Don't judge me!

Anyone remember the musicvids from vengaboys?
Apparently, there's a lot about them that I forgot.

I was like 10-11 years old when they were ''big'' and the vids are kinda pervy and slutty.
Just look at the video thumbnail.
The music is catchy though.


It's past 6 am now and I'm starting to notice that I haven't slept yet.
Sitting here all alone singing sex on the beach as loud as I can.
I swear Anna just shook her head at me xD
It's pretty bad when your friggin cat thinks you've lost it.
I need a drink..
No wait, I have quite a few of those last night..

Tatas xx

- Melissa

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Anna <3

Okay, how lame is this?
I'm writing a whole blog post about my cat.
Once we're on the subject, I might just add that she drove me mad last night.
For the first three months I had her, she always slept in my bed, which left me very little space to sleep on.
Now, I'm trying to get her off the thought of even jumping in my bed in the morning, which is a total FAIL!
I even made her a bed with pillows and blankets and stuff.
Does she sleep in it?
She sits in the chair next to my bed and stares at me until I fall asleep.
Then, the little bastard sneaks in my bed and don't think I would notice if she shoves her ass in my face.
Every night I wake up at least 25 times to put her back in bed and then return to mine. Nightmare!
But when you're this cute, you get away with murder xD

I think I took it on Halloween.
For once, I actually managed to take a pic where Anna looks decent.
She always looks away, sneeze or close her eyes.

This was taken the day I got her :)
That was a good day!
She's even sleeping in my bed already xD

She also follows me everywhere.
Here she's on her way after me in the bathroom.

I tried a new app on my iPhone that's called iVideoCamera and I didn't think I would be able to film with my 3G, but now I can :)
Here's she is sleeping in that god damn chair:

Some say she looks scary and might have to agree, but I know her and she's nowhere near being scary.


I have a few things to do before I can sit down and listen to Phoenixfm for 4 hours.
See ya lovely cupcakes!


- Melissa

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Busy times...

Last blog post was on Wednesday and since then, I've been very busy.
Started Christmas shopping on Friday and I managed to get everything done in one day.
I must admit I'm pretty pleased with myself.

I did buy something I promised myself I wouldn't buy, but when I found one thing it kinda led to another.

Yeh, I bought a shitload of makeup.
But I've always wanted a case with different eyeshadows.

I did get some good news this week, by the way.
My bestfriend, Ann-Cathrin, is pregnant :D
I am wicked excited and I know that she's going to be an awesome mom.
She's one of those ''tiny'' girls who always wears high heels and now she's starting to notice that her feet are very swollen.
So before we started our shopping on Friday, she had to take a shoebreak.

She's gonna hate me for posting this picture, but whatever :p
She knows I love her! <3

I didn't really do a lot on Saturday.
Had a lazy day and just relaxed with a movie and almost a whole bottle of wine.
Apparently, Anna loves Ice Age just as much as I do.

Didn't even think that was possible, but she was watching the entire movie.
I swear I could hear her laugh.

What's been going on today?
Well, I've been spending most of my day with Ann-Cathrin and we've been driving around for about 5 hours.
I'm so dizzy now that I think I'm gonna have a 12 hour nap very soon.

I hope you all had a great weekend :)
See ya'll laters!


- Melissa

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


So I looked around online after a job and I came across a job as a nanny for a baby.
The funny part is that when I looked at the name of the person who posted the ad, I found out that she was the previous owner of my cat, Anna.
So I called her up and said that I was interested in the job.
Apparently, she was very happy because she knows me and she can trust me, which is good :)
So we're gonna meet up next week and discuss further.
If I end up with less hours than I need, I might have to get another part time job as well.
There's no chance in hell that I'm keeping my current one.
Makes me sick just thinking about it.

Now, that I have one problem less to worry about, I can focus on getting my crib ready for Xmas :)
Looks like a shothole!
I did sort my closet out yesterday.
Threw away a bunch of old clothes and the rest I'm going to give to charity.
No need to throw away decent clothes that still be can worn.


Just found this picture.
When in the UK I always complaining about my 1 hour jetlag, so when she got back she sent me this:

Very Classy, Vanda! :p

But I gotta start cleaning my desk again.
The only thing, besides the kitchen, that always gets messy the day after a big cleanup.
I don't get it.

See ya laters lovely cupcakes!


- Melissa

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Get a grip. Get focused. Get a job.

That pretty much my goals these days.
Everything went in the shitter after I go back from England and I just realized what I had to do to finally enjoy a speck of my life.
I've been hanging out with two of my bestfriends this weekend and they both now have their own place, fulltime job and one of them are even getting married next summer.
After just spending a few hours with them, I get inspired to do better.
I always feel like I never do enough and I might be right.
So tomorrow, I'm going to sit down and write my CV and send out a few applications.
I just need to get that out of my head cause it's the one thing that worries me these days.
The fact that I don't have contact with my mum doesn't even bother me anymore.
It's like it's time to let her go or more like her letting me go.
She's one of those insanely overprotective parents, and even now when I'm 21, she still doesn't want to hear talk about me drinking alcohol and staying out late.
Guess that's what I get for being an onlychild and she being a singlemom.

But back to the point:

If I can just get a job and start saving up money, I think I'll be allright.
I always seem to worry about money and how I'm suppose to manage and I pretty much spent all of my savings on the planeticket to England.
I don't regret it, by the way.
That trip opened my eyes to something bigger and I instantly clicked with the place and I knew that a part of me would always belong there.
So not only did I get the trip of a lifetime, I also found out where I wanted to end up in the future.

I've also found out that I'm awesome at planning years ahead, but not so awesome planning what to do in 5 minutes.
Wierd, eh?

This blog is getting way too long and I'm starting to rant, which is not good.

Here's a pic of me taken earlier today.
I'm wearing the awesome Heavy Load tshirt :)

Almost time for bed..
Nite lovely cupcakes!


- Melissa

Friday, 4 December 2009

Ownd by heels

This is pretty much why I never really wear high heels.
It's even worse if you've had a big enough amount of alcohol that makes you unable to even walk straight in flat shoes.
So I never mix heels and too much booze.
Don't get me wrong, I do like wearing heels, but I also like being able to walk properly.
Well, as properly as I can sober.
I've often been told that I look slightly tipsy when I walk.
Do I?
I don't know.

I suddenly had this urge to go out and buy something to eat and come home and watch a movie.
Just to have something to do for three hours.

Gotta jet!

Tatas xx

- Melissa

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Don't panic!

I realize that my last blog post was a bit depressing and it seems I might have scared a few people.
Don't worry!
I'm still alive and I'm trying as good as I can to deal with the crap I have in front of me.
I've gone through a lot for being this young and I just keep wondering when it all is going to end and something good would come along, for once.
It may sound like I'm giving up, but HELLO?!?
I'm from Narvik and we're known for being strong..

Well, at least I am..

When I feel like absolute crap and nothing can get darker, I always seem to find pictures that just puts a huge smile on my face.
Here's a few examples:

Vanda, Nigel, me and Richard and Juliana in the background.
Picture was taken at Brentwood Theater on the 15th of November.
Heavy Load gig :D

After like 5 years, I still find this insanely amusing..
Can you blame me?

James and Francesca at the airport on the 17th of November.
They were dropping this lovely lady off :)


Me, James and Francesca at the Hafdis Huld gig on the 18th of November.
It was awesome and especially since we got to meet her.

I know for sure that this was a huge moment for James :p

And here's the last one for now.
The lovely people I got to spend most of my time with while in Brentwood/Hutton/London (is that enough slashes?).
Is it just me or do we all look a bit uncomfortable?
Just me?
I thought so..

But anyways:
I'm hanging in there and I'm literally living off of my creativity.
Trying to focus on my youtube videos, blog and other stuff that just makes me happy.
Thanks for the support, cupcakes <3

See you next time!


- Melissa

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

What would you do?

If you just quit school, only got 1 month left on your jobcontract, live in the same house with your mum and grandparents and they are filling your head with lies that are close to killing you and you just realized that you're going to spend your favorite holiday alone?

That's my situation right now and I'm pretty clueless.
All I want is to pack all my stuff, leave and never come back.
Sounds very depressing and if nothing changes very soon, I might end up on the dark side again.
I was very depressed for over 3 years and I was struggling with everything.
Now when I basically have nothing left, I seem to head over to that side I hate so much.
All of my friends have their own family and I don't want to bug anyone.
Maybe I'll just stream live on stickam?
For now, I have no idea.

It sucks but I'm not used to things going my way.
Gotta jet though.
Work :(

Tatas xx

- Melissa