Wednesday, 19 September 2012

August-September update

I've been a very bad blogger.
Don't really have an excuse, but I've worked a lot of overtime and had my hands filled with things to do at home.
Things seem to be slowing down a little now, unless I have to work overtime the entire next week.
I'm not complaining, though, cause like a lot of other people, I need the money.

But here is what I spent at least a whole week planning...

Mum and I had to go though all of our crap to throw away and the sad part is that we could probably fill up another one of these.
In my pile of stuff, I actually found some old shoes, bags and teddybears from way back in the day.
And since I'm not a fan of going down my own memorylane, I decided to give some of it away and throw the rest.
Now we only have a crapton of old boxes and a random lamp, which I believe belongs to me, but my lovely cat broke it.
I guess she learned the hard way that it wasn't something she could climb.
Made me laugh for a second, though.
Don't worry, she's still alive and well :)

In other news.....

My friend, Marcus, wanted to surprise his semi retarded gf (she's not really retarded), with a new white iPhone 4, because she's been wanting one for a very long time.
Little did he know that she had already bought one, so he asked me if I missed having an iPhone and offered to sell it to me for a VERY cheap price.

So guess what?

I have one.... AGAIN!
So now I have an iPod touch, two iPods, iPad and an iPhone.
Apple addict much?
iMac next?
I probably would of had one by now, but they are so expensive.
Maybe if I stopped buying so much makeup, I'd have enough to get one?
Speaking of makeup...

I failed miserably on the no makeup buy challenge, but I wouldn't really worry.
I'm so pissed at myself that I can't get myself buy even look at new releases, which is pretty insane.
But over to the biggest news this year...
Pink's new album The Truth About Love!
No wonder she's been my idol for 13 years.

Looking at the time and I have completely lost track of it.
It's amost bedtime for me now.
Because of my early start every morning, I have no problem going to bed around 8 pm.
Sounds strange, but I really need a lot of sleep.
So this is me signing off and hopefully I'll be able to keep up with my gorgeous blog ^_^

Goodnight :)


- Melissa