Saturday, 27 February 2010

Are you shitting me???

Did someone seriously write this on the bathroom wall with poo?
I wonder HOW they managed to write that on there.
Any suggestions?

It really made me throw up a bit in my mouth.
Too much info?
Sorry xD

- Melissa

Friday, 26 February 2010

Whale killed trainer?

I just read this and it just blew my mind.
We know that accidents happen and that it's very risky to train animals and especially those who are considered dangerous.
This poor woman was dragged under water by the whale she was training and apparently she drowned.

Check this link for more and an interview from Larry King.

Rest in peace Dawn Brancheau <3

- Melissa

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Epic cuteness

I'm sorry, but I had to post this picture.
This one of those pics where you go like "awww" when you see it.
Everybody love cute cats and if you don't, then there's something wrong with you.
Just saying!

I am sooo dead!
I wanted to catch the entire show on phoenixfm tonight, but I won't be able to pull that off :(
So I'll be going to bed now.

Nite lovely cupcakes xx

- Melissa

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Random picture day!

What the hell is wrong with people?
Are someone actually googling this crap?
Jesus, I thought I had issues!

Picture from the Epic Fail app.


- Melissa

Kung Fu Melissa?

I'm watching this movie right now, and everyone I know knows that I'm a sucker for animation movies, but I started thinking about the kung fu part.
Would I be able to pull such a thing off?
I for one, seriously doubt it, but apparently a friend of mine said: Yeah, you're so flexible and shit!
(Those were his exact words, btw)
Aren't my friends the best?

Anyways, I do yoga 3-4 times a week, but kung fu and karate stuff is just way beyond what I ever can manage.
I would on the other hand, love to try kickboxing.
For some reason, they had a class here like 6 years ago but I never attended.
I was into the aerobics scene back then.
Don't ask!
Even though we look like total assholes, it was a great workout and I lost about 10 kilos in a month, which is amazing.

I've been practicing yoga for over a month now and I already feel the difference.
It's not suppose to build muscles, but I definitely feel stronger.
So I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to start working out.
I use the Yoga Stretch and Yoga Relax app on the iPhone and it works great.

But I gotta squeeze in a nap now.

Tatas xx

- Melissa

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Best picture of 2010

This made my year!
I took this in the toilet at the mall.
I would never expect to find that quote anywhere in Narvik, bug I guess there's more youtube addicts in this town.

The thing is that I would love to be able to vlog everywhere I go, but since I live in a small town and not to mention THIS town, I can't really walk around talking to a camera.
It just doesn't play.
Norwegians aren't really used to people that are that open and doesn't care about what others think.
Some do, but in general, they're not used to modern technology being used in that way.

With that being said, I have a lot of respect for the famous youtubers like iJustine, Shaycarl, Charles Trippy and Alli Speed and not to mention Ray William Johnson.
They all film outside and post vlogs daily (except iJustine).
I guess people are more used to it in the US.

But anyways:
I'm thinking about shooting a video today, after I had dinner.
Just really feel like.
Check twitter later for link :)

I gotta jet!

Tatas xx

- Melissa

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


I started a course yesterday.
Its suppose to help me find jobs easier.
It lasts for about 4 weeks and I already feel like I'm making some progress.
Everyone's who doesn't have a job or been without one knows how crappy one can feel.
I had nothing to fill my days with and slept like 12-13 hours a day, which is not good.
So at least I have something to do on the weekdays.

Other than that, there's not much exciting happening in my life.
Putting all of my energy into this project and hopefully I'll get lucky soon.
With a job, you perv!

I will also try to vlog about my experiences and what's going on.

I have to listen to my friends on Phoenixfm now :)

Tatas xx

- Melissa

Thursday, 11 February 2010

R.I.P Alexander McQueen

One of the most talented designers in the world passed away today.
Alexander McQueen is said to have commited suicide and was found in his home in London.
He was only 40 years old and it's really tragic because he had a rare talent when it comes to fashion.
And apparently he was called a ''hooligan''.
I've always laughed when I hear that word, but I'm not laughing now.

My heart goes out to his friends, family and loved ones.
Rest in peace <3


- Melissa

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Makeup Factory!

I bought an eyeshadow palette about a month ago, but the eyeshadows didn't really last and quickly wore off, so I wanted to buy some good, but funky eyeshadows.
These are the ones I found:

This is #34.

And this is #76.
For once I think I can use all of the four eyeshadows.
Usually there's too many wierd colours that would just look silly on me.

I just bought these today, so I'm excited about trying them on and see what they look like.

I got them on a 2 for 1 deal, so I couldn't resist :)


- Melissa

Monday, 1 February 2010

Insomnia is poison!

My sleeping habits are in a class of its own.
I usually stay awake to 1.30 am, go to bed and then lie awake til its about 6 am and then sleep to 12 pm.
It's also -20 C here at night and since I live in a basement with low heating, I'm close to freezing to death while struggling to fall asleep.
Depressing innit?
Ah well, that's North Norway.


I gotta head to bed soon, if I'm gonna manage to get up at 7.30 tomorrow morning.
Got a few meeting I have to get to.
Work related stuff.
Haven't heard anything about that job I applied for, but I guess things like that takes time.
Fun waiting!

Tatas lovely people!


- Melissa