Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Random picture day?

That's what Wednesday is from now on.
So I took this yesterday just cause I was bored.
Thought it was rather cute.

But anyways:
I sent my first jobapplication today and I just hope that there will be other jobs available soon.
Can't apply to just one job and assume that I'll get it.
At least I got started so that's good.

And now my tummy made the sickest sound in history.
Perhaps I should make dinner?
Yeh, I should.

Tata peeps!


- Melissa

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Never use this crap!

I bought my first ever foundation a few weeks ago.
That turned out to be a mistake.
Not only is it Isadora (that do animal testing), but it also made me break out.
Now, I have to throw out that crap and buy a proper skincare system.

This is what the foundation looks like.
Stay away from it!


- Melissa

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Animal testing

I was surfing online a few days ago to look for stores where they sold certain makeup brands, but what I found really made me sick.

This is just madness.
I even found lists over the makeup brands that test on animals and the ones that doesn't.

These test on animals:

- Adidas
- Clearasil
- Colgate
- Compeed
- Garnier
- Jennifer Lopez
- Lacoste
- Lancôme
- Isadora
- L'Oréal
- Maybelline
- D&G
- Gilette
- Kanebo
- Max factor
- Sarah Jessica Parker

This really ruined my day because I really love Isadora and some products from L'Oréal, Maybelline and Lancôme, but it's not worth it.

These, on the other hand, does not test on animals:

- Estée Lauder
- Chanel
- Dior
- Calvin Klein
- The Body Shop
- Nivea
- Donna Karen
- Wella
- Clinique
- Tommy Hilfiger
- Mac
- Mary Kay
- I.d Bare minerals
- Gosh
- Dome Cosmetics
- Victoria´s Seecret
- Bobbi Brown
- DG

Thank god for Gosh and Mac.
I really love those labels and I would have been sad if I couldn't use them.

Here's another picture that almost made me cry:

Think about these poor animals the next time you're out buying cosmetics.
I am definitely staying away from the products I used to buy and only buy animal friendly stuff from now on.

It's just heartbreaking :'(

Feel free to share this blog post to anyone you know.
We might not be able to stop animal testing but we can spread the word around :)

Love ya!


- Melissa

Monday, 18 January 2010

What a night!

I noticed around 11 PM last night that I would not be able to sleep.
Around 1 AM I decided to curl my hair and it ended up like this:

I was very happy with it.
Curling my hair is close to impossible, but for some reason I actually pulled it off.


When it was almost 2 AM I randomly turned on the videocamera and then stuff just happened.
After that, I edited and uploaded it.
I must say I'm pretty pleased with it.
For a first try of actually editing a video, it turned out good.

While I was editing I thought of a lot of cool ideas for future videos, so I was multitasking for a few hours.
Editing, writing and cleaning.
I'm good, I know :)

I wrapped up my video around 5 AM and I went to bed one hour later.
Just because I had nothing to do.
Could have stayed up longer, but I would be too bored.

Now, its about 3 PM and I'm thinking about giving Anna a bath.
I think she knows, cause she's hiding under my bed.
It's not that she gets into a fight with me when I'm giving her a bath, but she does not like it.
I know some catowners that never gives their cat a bath and I give Anna one once a month.
But I mean, she walking all around my place and even jumps in my bed sometimes.
I really don't want 4 years of dirt in my bed, if you know what I mean.

Gotta get off my computer for a while, though.
Talk to you lovely oreos later!


- Melissa

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Can people change?

Can they?
Well, I think that people can change certain patterns of their behaviour, but at the end of the day, you are who you are and that's not going to change.
It may sound harsh, but that's just my opinion.
I got a message on facebook today, from a girl I've known since I was 7 years old, and it kinda made me a bit speechless.
We used to be friends, but she choose the crew that spent most of their time teasing the hell out of me and made my school years a living hell.
I guess she feels guilty or something for making that decision and I might sound like a total bitch, but quite frankly, I rather not keep in touch with old ''friends''.

Just seeing them gives me horrible flashbacks and I just don't need anymore crap and bad things happening in my life right now.
I'm all about moving on, doing something new and be myself no matter what.
People might say they've heard it all, but I can tell you right now, there's not a single thing that's either horrible, awful, nasty, bad, ugly, gross or disgusting comment I haven't gotten thrown at me.
How come I didn't end up killing myself before I turned 18?
My love for music have saved me so many times and I don't have enough fingers to count that high.

I just really needed to get this off my tatas.
Now I'm going to watch the two new episodes of Ugly Betty (Yes, I'm such a sucker for that show) and then go to bed.
Haven't really slept in 24 hours.
Fell asleep at 9 am thins morning and woke up again at 11 am.
I need to get back on track and get up early instead of staying up late and sleeping till 12 pm.

See you later lovely cupcakes!


- Melissa

Found this on google.
Do you agree?

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Samsung U10

Finally got my new videocamera.
I didn't really afford buying it, but I was too tempted.

The camera in itself is very easy to use, but the editing software that comes with it is a bit annoying.
Well, I guess all editing programs are difficult for me cause I have no editing skills what so ever!
I am on the other hand working on my skills.
I have a ton of ideas for cool youtube videos, but I need better lighting, a tripod and a greenscreen.
If you have any tips on how to get these things cheap, please let me know :)
But over to the camera.
- Easy to use
- Simple to manage filmclips and pics
- Nice design and easy to carry around
- The zoom on the cam is kinda off, meaning that you have to keep the camera far away from your face to be in the picture
- Need good lighting to film inside (VERY good lighting)
But for that price, its good :)
I payed 300 dollars or around £185, if you're from the lovely UK :)
- Melissa

Sunday, 10 January 2010

I forgot about you

Seriously, I did.
And by that, I mean I forgot about my blog.
Haven't really had anything to blog about.
Just spent this week being pissed about that job I started but it ended long before I wanted it to.
Now I have to find a fulltime job, which is these days, impossible.
But I really don't want this little job thing to ruin the start of such a great year.
And how do I know that this year will be great?
Cause I wont settle for anything else but great.
So this year started with me kinda getting a job, losing it and having an insanely bad date (long story).
This is where the picture comes in.
After that horrible date, I came home swearing like I've never done before and I looked down and saw my cat, Anna, sending me the most innocent look in the world.
So when I saw this picture, it made think of her.

So 2010 didn't have the best start, but I wont let that ruin it.
So much happened last year and I learned so much about different things and not to mention, I learned a lot about myself :)
This year will be even better.


It's bedtime for me, so I'll see you lovely oreos later.


- Melissa

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Coffee insomniac?

This picture wasn't suppose to look so depressing, but I guess I'm too tired to pull off a happier look.
Anyways, starting my new job tomorrow and I almost forgot that I have to meet my boss and give back my keys so my poor replacement can get in to the docs office.

I better get some sleep soon, but I don't think ot helps that I've been drinking coffee like crazy for the past four hours.
Have been looking for my purse as well.
Can't go anywhere without it and I also need to find something to wear tomorrow.

Guess I'll just watch another episode of Ugly Betty and then hit the sack.

Tatas xx

- Melissa

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Animal Alpha - Djerv <3

Just got an email where it said that the former leadsinger of Animal Alpha (a Norwegian band) has a new bandproject going on and I, of course, had a quick look at their myspace.
I loved it so much that I had to share it with you guys.
They are fresh, catchy and intense.
Agnete have an insane singing voice, which is one of the few reasons why I started listening to Animal Alpha in the first place a few years ago.
Please check out their stuff on these sites:

My favorite songs from Animal Alpha.
Hope you guys like it!


- Melissa

I hate labels

I really, really hate them.
It doesn't matter where you are in the world, but people are always going to label you.
Which shows, when you think about it, a huge lack of respect for other people, because you're literally putting them in a box.
I do use different words to describe myself, but I don't let the word define who I am.

This might seem pointless because everybody does it, but it's just certain words you don't use to describe others.
Trust me, I've heard it all.
Everything from nerd and geek to freak and miss man (don't ask about that last one)!
Of course, there's a few Norwegian nicknames that I've gotten over the years, but they really wouldn't make any sense if I tried to translate them into English.

Now I'm curious what your nickname is.
Did you have any wierd ones growing up that still haven't lost its shine?
I still get Medusa, Donald Duck, The Hulk and Hippo Zippo thrown after me on the street.
No clue where these names came from but I think some of them are rather funny.


Leave me your nicknames as a comment or tweet them to me :)

Feel free to tell me what you think of labels.
Do you really care or have you never really thought about it?
Let me know :)

Tatas lovely oreos!


- Melissa