Tuesday, 31 May 2011

No more hunkfood

I had my last junkfood meal today.
Not for forever, but for a while.
This pizza is called Alanya.
Absolutely yummy!

But for me, it's not really worth to continue eating unhealthy when I keep gaining weight and the acne gets worse.
Water, oatmeal, pasta, salad, tea, coffee, vegetables, fruit, bread and fitness cereal is some of the things I'll be eating a lot of from now on.
Hopefully I'll be able to stick to it as much as possible.

I just thought I'd add this one.
Makes me go ''awww''!
Reminds me of my Anna.
So cute!

I really feel like doing some yoga now.
Put on som Late Night Alumni in my iTunes and I'm good to go.


- Melissa

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Didn't see that one coming

I said when I started the food journal that I would fail.
And that I did.
I did, however, notice that I have some rather odd eating patterns.
Some days I eat all day long, other days I have one huge meal and dont eat anything else that day and some days I barely eat anything.
All of the three above is unhealthy and if I can manage to eat 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and maybe 1 small meal before bedtime or something, I think I'm going to feel a bit more balanced.

But I'm looking at the time and its almost 7 pm.
I started writing this blog 4 hours ago, but I've been busy catching up on everything so I just let this window stay open until I could wrap it up.
I am so not ready to get up early tomorrow, but it's been such a lazy day today, that I'm sure I'll be happy to have something to do.

Hope you had a great weekend and a good week to come.


- Melissa

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

My summer wishlist

So as usual when summer comes around I always get in the shopping mood.
I am trying to not buy random crap that I don't really need, but I have found a few things that I want and need.
Nikon Coolpix S3100
I absolutely love the colour.

One of the best games in history is now on Nintendo DS.
It does me remind me that I haven't played any DS in a while.

But no matter.
I am a huge coffee person so this would be like a dream come true in my kitchen.
A nice ass coffeemaker.
Look how gorgeous it is.
I do have a coffeemaker and I love it, but this one looks stylin'.

But yeah...
Those three things are at the top of my withlist right now.
Can't really think of anything else.

I'm off to watch One Tree Hill.
Have a good one :)


- Melissa

Monday, 23 May 2011

Peace and quiet

Havent had that in like a week.
I've been babysitting my friend's dog for about 5 days and I'm starting to reconsider getting a dog.
I've always been a dogperson, but then I ended up with my cat, Anna.
Now I realize how much more work it is to have a dog.
I had to walk him three times a day, groom him every three days and so on.
I brush my cat about once a week and give her a bath once a month.
Never have to walk her or worry about her shitting on the floor when I'm asleep.
Also, it is easier to have a cuddletime with a cat.
If I had that dog on my lap, I would break.

Bamse aka Teddy

I believe he's a lab mix of some sorts.
A huge ass dog, but so sweet and kind.
And quiet :)

The downside to not having one second alone to do things around the house, is that it's a complete mess here now.
Looks like I'll be spending the next 4-5 days getting everything organized again.
Good times!

On top of everything, I think I'm coming down with something.
I had to leave work like 4 hours earlier today because I was dizzy, had a headache and a fever.
Took a painkiller before I left for work, but it didn't really help.
Hopefully, I wont get stuck at home for forever.
Unlike other people, I have being sick and not being able to work.
So assnumbingly dull to sit at home and do nothing.

I think I'm going to take a bath now, actually.
I feel rather gross, even though I took a shower before work this morning.

See you guys around :)


- Melissa

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


I love coffee.
Like really love coffee.
So when I saw the Starbucks coffee at the grocerystore, I just had to try it.
The verdict?

It tastes like baileys on the rocks.
Even though I love baileys, I wasn't really feeling the weird taste I got in my mouth after a while.
So this the "meh...." product of the month.
I'm going to stick with my regular black coffee, I think.


I'm currently at work and I'm not really feeling too good.
That starbucks coffee made quite the impression on me.

Kidding :)
Didn't really sleep last night and I have a really bad stomach ache.
I guess I better pop a painkiller and continue working.
Not getting paid to sit on my ass and blog :)

Have a great day everyone xx

- Melissa

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Saturday = Love

I absolutely love saturdays.
The feeling I get when I wake up on a saturday morning is amazing.
I usually wake up with this:
Anna <3

But this morning when I tried to cuddle and take a picture with her, I got this:
Nice ass shot!
Guess she had a bad hairday or something.

But as you know (if you watch my vlogs) I've been working fulltime now, and even though I have plenty of work to do, I still manage to goof around and do random shit like buliding a tower of empty paperboxes in the storageroom.
I'm such a kid, I know.
The sad part is that the bloody janitors had removed it when I came to work the next morning.
Guess I'm not allowed to have fun.

But it's getting late and I better wrap everything up and head to bed.
Have a good night wherever you are :)


- Melissa

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Have you ever had one of those days where you feel a bit off?
Like you're depressed, but you're not?
I'm in a very weird mood and I guess it's because I'm starving and broke.
Payday is tomorrow so I'm gonna buy myself a pizza or something like that for dinner.
Not only do I deserve it because I've been broke for a week, but I got a call from my boss this morning and she asked me if I wanted to work fulltime starting from tomorrow.
Not only does that mean that I'm going to make more, but I'm also going to be working alone again.
Not that I really mind, but it's nice to have someone to talk to during breakfast and lunch hour.
I say breakfast because I start working at 6:30 am.
So I usually eat around 9 or so.

I have a long day ahead of me with work and then I'm off to town to the library.
Yeah.. The library..
I have to see if they have any Anne Rice books..
I'm currently reading Interview With The Vampire and there's three books in that series.
It's called The Vampire Chronicles, if I'm not completely wrong.
Pretty good so far, but maybe a bit too boring for me to really get in to the story.
That's just me, though.

I think I have some pasta in the kitchen.
That's better than nothing, I suppose.

Crossing my fingers and hope I don't burn the place down ;p


- Melissa

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Journal Update

I wrote on my blog on friday that I was going to start a foodjournal and I started writing down everything I eat from yesterday morning.
I did notice a funny pattern, though.
It's not that I eat a lot, but I eat medium sized meals with only like 2 hours apart.
So I eat around 3 meals a day; breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Then maybe a snack or two inbetween.
No wonder I feel stuffed all the time.
I barely get the chance to get over my last meal when I'm preparing a new one.
Also, I have been VERY lazy with my yoga, but now that I have my iphone back, I can finally start exercising again.
I might do a session before bedtime tonight.

It was easy keeping up with the journal this weekend because I literally haven't been outside.
I bet that it will be more difficult to keep it up when I start work on monday.
I tend to forget the simplest things and I never really understood how my brain works.
I mean, I remember to check farmville when I get back home, but not keeping track of whatever I put in my mouth...


I better turn off my laptop if I'm gonna be able to focus on my yoga.
Hope you guys had a great weekend and are looking forward to a new week :)

Look at the yummy breakfast I had yesterday:
It was SO good :)

- Melissa

Friday, 6 May 2011

Taking Control

I am switching between periods where I eat literally all the time and where I barely eat anything.
 So I have decided to start a food journal that I will keep with me in my purse and write down everything I eat and when.
I'm probably going to drive myself crazy, but my moods have been like a rollercoaster these past few months and I know that my eating habits have something to do with it.
Hopefully, I'll be able to keep up with it, because usually when I decide to do things like this, it falls through.
Because I get lazy and always forget important stuff.
The memory of a goldfish.
Or so I have been told.

Look at the pretty design on this notebook.
I bought it at Kremmerhuset for like 50 kroners :)
I'll always keep it in my purse and write down random stuff.
Maybe I can finally get organized and finish my novel.

I am dying to continue writing, but I don't feel inspired to sit down and actually write anything.
it's kind of frustrating when I have all these ideas in my head and I've even written down things on dozens of post-it notes.
I need to pull it together and finish what I started 6 years ago.

Til helga, kanskje?
(Det burde vi)

Inside joke...
Between everyone in Norway.. >_<

Allrighty guys..
I'm off to bed..
Have an awesome friday night :)


- Melissa

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Dirty DJ

Work went smoothly today...
Well until I was about to wrap up the day...
The guy I work with decided to check the DJ booth before we left and we found everything from half a pizza slice to chewinggum.
See for yourself:

Absolutely disgusting.
I just couldn't leave before we cleaned this up.
I do start to wonder how it got this bad?
I mean, did no one throw away their trash when they left for the night?

Even though this mess gave me a major headahce, it did feel nice to get rid of it.
The lighting in the DJ booth was horrible, so we had to use the flash on my iphone.
Everything on that picture was pretty much under the chairs.

Oh well..
At least I left work feeling better :)

But the biggest decision I have to make this week is if I should cut off all of the orange/brown colour I have in my hair, which is pretty much 60-65% of it.
I honestly can't stand the colour anymore and I really need a change.
I have been looking up short haircuts on google and I've found several possible styles that I could go for.
I guess I have to sleep on it and see how I feel when I wake up tomorrow.
I'll probably feel the same when I have to deal with my hair again.

Speaking of tomorrow:
I have to head to bed if I want to get enough hours on the eye.
Nighty night :)


- Melissa

Monday, 2 May 2011

Oh Hi!

It's been a while now.
I've been very busy with work, personal stuff and not to mention my new iPhone 4.
I know I swore to never get an iPhone again, but I guess I'm too weak.

I woke up, and so did the rest of the world, to the amazing news that Osama Bin Laden has been killed.
I'm not a morning person at all, but I must admit that I did a tiny happy dance at 5.45 this morning.
So you can safely say that I was relieved.
But of course, now those idiots want revenge, so I'm worried about what they might come up with.
I am trying to not think about it because I get easily worried about these things.

But skipping to the being happy about Osama being gone part, I decided to ''celebrate'' and have pizza for lunch today.

Looks kind of disgusting, but that is amazing pizza in all its holyness.
I don't know if I should be ashamed that I ate the entire thing at once.
I never usually do that.
I have been told that I eat like a bird.
Barely munching on one slice and then I'm full.
Guess I was really hungry.

Oh dear look at the time!
it's almost bedtime for me and I still have to upload my vlog and do some other stuff before I hit the sack.

Hope you had a good start to the week and I'll see you around.


- Melissa