Thursday, 27 October 2011

My new baby

I recieved my package from Makeupmekka in the mail today.
Been looking at the palettes they have for a while now, but I couldn't really decide which one to get.
I ended up with the one I knew I'd use the most.

This will get a lot of love from me.

They had one with blue, green and some purple in it, but I knew I would spend more time looking at it than I would actually use it.
Waste of money!
But anyways, I'm set for years with eyeshadow and I've put myself (once again) on the ban list for buying eyeshadow.
I guess you could say it's my one makeup related item I can't get enough of.
Also, no more nailpolish.
I'm literally painting my nails in different colours every other day, just so I can use up all the polish I have.
Such a girly girl.


- Melissa

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


One of my favorite bags died today :(
Such a sad moment.

I know, I'm such a twat..
But what can I say?
I love hangbags and purses and I really struggle to stay away from stores where they sell them.
Especially if they are black with studs.

But since I had to throw away my bag, I decided to start using the one I bought at the Rock N Roll store in London two years ago.

It's kind of obvious what one of my all time favorite bands are.
I bought the buttons at the same store.
Its a fairly big over the shoulder bag, which is absolutely perfect because I carry a lot of ''crap'' around.
I'm a typical girl, I guess.


- Melissa

Thursday, 20 October 2011

I went a little crazy

In the makeup section today.
I knew I needed to buy a new foundation and a powder but I guess I got a few more things along with that:

As you can tell, I bought a ''few'' more things than I had originally planned.
Three of the things, I recieved in the mail yesterday, but it's still a lot of products to just randomly buy.

Anyways, I need to hit the sack so I can be as fresh for tomorrow as I possibly can be.
Goodnight lovely people :)


- Melissa

Saturday, 15 October 2011

New storage

As of lately, I've been watching a lot of makeup collection and storage videos on youtube and I wanted to come up with a clever way to store my makeup crap.
So I went to town before 10 am this morning, almost ran down the staff at Clas Ohlson and looked for a storagebox with drawers.
This is what I found:

A bunch of small drawers on the top and a big one at the bottom.
Wasn't sure if I would be able to fit my Urban Decay Naked palette in it, but I did without a problem.
Now I have all of my makeup in that and it will make things so much easier.

Notice the dusty Buddha statue?
I love those but I guess I should clean it :)
It collects dust so easily, so after a while I just can't be bothered.

Since I woke up at 5.30 am and it is now 9 pm, I am officially exhausted.
Been such a long day with shopping, organizing, cleaning and helping mum out.

I'm going to head to bed and maybe I'll go for a walk tomorrow morning if it doesnt rain ( like it has for the past two weeks now).

Goodnight everyone :)


- Melissa

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Happy day

I was tired as hell when my alarm went off at 5.30 this morning and I thought that this would be one of ''those'' days where I barely do anything.
By 7 am I was proven wrong.
I suddenly was hit with a huge energybomb and I was literally running around all over the place at work and did twice as much work as I usually get around to before lunch.
Then I was exhausted for like an hour and then the energy came back.
So I've been running for about 90% of my workday.
It's safe to say that I was happy about going home afterwards.

I got one thing in the mail that I have been waiting for and I was so pleased when I unpacked it.
I have always loved coffeemugs, and especially since I started drinking coffee when I was around 16, so when I saw this online I couldn't help myself.

I'm such a fangirl <3

Also, since it's falltime, I decided to switch up my usual red nailpolish to something a little darker.

H&M's polish in ''Moody Model''.
I've had it for months, but never really thought I'd ever use it.
Now that I'm looking at it, its rather badass :)

But right now, I have to wrap up this week's episode of diggnation while having my standard cup of tea.

Goodnight everyone :)


- Melissa

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

One Tree Hill Marathon

I am having a OTH marathon these days.
I recieved season 5, 6 and 7 in the mail today.
Only missing number 8 (not released yet).

There's something about this show that gives me so much inspiration and I never get sick of it.
So I finally got my head out of my ass and bought the rest of the seasons on dvd.
Can't wait for the ninth and second season coming out later this year.
It's going to be awesome to see how it all ends.

Just looked at the time and I've been watching tv for the past 6 hours.
I guess I have to head to bed if I want to be able to wak up tomorrow morning at crazy am.

Goodnight everyone xx

- Melissa