Friday, 23 October 2009

Homework madness

I chose to stay home from school today because I had a huge load of homework that I had to do.
Got like 4 assignments that have to be done by Monday and I know for sure that I won't spend my weekend doing them.
But as I thought, I would find something to distract me.
I'm now reading in a Norwegian magazine about blogging:

Apparently, everyone have their own blog these days.
Well, besides my mum.
She doesn't even have a cellphone.
She's convinced that cellphones are going to kill people in the end and she might be right.
There's no way in hell that I could imagine my life with no phone, so I might as well be dead without it.
That really sounds horrible though.
But I'm very sure that I'm not the only one.
We're all tech obsessed in one way.
If you're not a geek/nerd like me, you would still be addicted to technological things like the computer, TV and so on.
Get it?
We're all geeks at some point.
This is me trying to make the term geek normal. (kudos for trying?)

I have to show you a cute pic of me and my so called ''daughter'' Anna

Haha I know!
She's got my hair!


Well, I really have to continue with my homework if I want to finish it today.
Catch ya'll laters!


- Melissa

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