Tuesday, 12 October 2010


So I got a new phone last week, and now I've ordered another one.
It was totally not the plan, but I got a great deal.
I signed up for a 12 month plan and usually the phone itself would be more expensive if you add up the amout of money you pay monthly, so the fact that I got the phone for half the price with a contract is awesome.

This is my current Samsung E2550 and I absolutely love it.
Very simple and cute.

If you want to check the new phone out take a look at this cool video ^_^

I had an HTC S730 about 2 years ago and it was rather awesome.
Didnt like the windows mobile, though.
But I am excited to get the new one.


I have to jet.
Need to harvest my crap on farmville.
Yes, I've gotten hooked on the one thing I swore to stay away from.
I'm tragic!


- Melissa

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