Sunday, 7 November 2010

What is it about sundays?

I've noticed a very wierd pattern lately.
The last blog posts are all posted on sundays.
Is sunday a blog day or is that just random?
I don't know, but whatever.

I am however excited about my Nintendo DS and my two Mario games that's on the way to my mailbox.
I got the new Mario Bros game and that new version of the mario 64 game from the nintendo 64 days.
Awesome stuff!
Good old times :)
I've had so much fun with the Nintendo 64 game so of course I had to get this too.

I wanted a pink one, but that was sold out so I had to go for the white one.
Still pretty :)

I have to go to town tomorrow morning for a short meeting, so I guess I have to head to bed now.
Nighty night people xx

- Melissa

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