Sunday, 13 February 2011


Thank geezer it's sunday!
Figured I shouldn't say 'god' since I'm an atheist, so I had to come up with another word.
Don't want christians to get pissed off at me.

I'm playing farmville on facebook at the moment.
My farm looks like a complete mess so I have to fix it up a little.
I lack creative talent when it comes to decorating so this is going to be interesting.

Over to the weather report:
We have about -13 C and a shitload of snow here.
I am so done with winter now.
I basically have to climb a tiny snowmountain just to throw the trash in the trashcan.
Neither of us in the house feels like shoveling snow 4 times a day.

But I have to get back to my farm and my podcasts.
Have a great sunday people.


- Melissa

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