Thursday, 14 July 2011

Beloved Dior

I did a rather expensive purchase a few days ago and for once I don't actually regret it.
I've been looking at the 5 shadow palettes from Dior because I love the colours and quality.
I paid around 94 dollars for it.
Yes, I'm aware that it's too much to pay for a few eyeshadows, but I couldn't help myself.
I'm more of a drugstore girl when it comes to makeup, but it doesn't hurt to try new things.

I did also buy this amazing green nailpolish at H&M and I painted my toes.
I would put up a picture, but I don't feel like posting my feet online..

Anyways, I have to head to bed and rest up for the last day of work before my vacation.
Never thought I'd be this excited about waking up tomorrow.

Have a good one people :)


- Melissa

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