Friday, 8 July 2011

My birthday dress

Since my birthday is comping up, I was looking for a new dress.
While I was shopping on H&M, I came across this awesome dress on sale.
I wasn's so sure on the size, but I decided to order it.
It arrived today and it fits perfectly.

Excuse the mess.
I've been very busy lately :)

Loving the back.
The dress is shorter and more revealing than I'm used to, but I love it.
I paid £15 for it, but the original price was around £35-40.
Best purchase of the month.


- Melissa


  1. You know, young lady, for someone who is closer to tomboy than runway model, you actually look quite stunning in that dress...and is that YOUR body in your new profile picture? Cuz if it is, WHERE ARE YOUR HIPS? - lol - seriously, you look very nice in your dress.

  2. Oh, and Penguin Jeff is your buddy from AZ, USA. Just letting you know.

  3. ooo.. very nice babe. wish I could be there for your birthday. You look fantastic :D