Monday, 1 February 2010

Insomnia is poison!

My sleeping habits are in a class of its own.
I usually stay awake to 1.30 am, go to bed and then lie awake til its about 6 am and then sleep to 12 pm.
It's also -20 C here at night and since I live in a basement with low heating, I'm close to freezing to death while struggling to fall asleep.
Depressing innit?
Ah well, that's North Norway.


I gotta head to bed soon, if I'm gonna manage to get up at 7.30 tomorrow morning.
Got a few meeting I have to get to.
Work related stuff.
Haven't heard anything about that job I applied for, but I guess things like that takes time.
Fun waiting!

Tatas lovely people!


- Melissa

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