Sunday, 21 February 2010

Best picture of 2010

This made my year!
I took this in the toilet at the mall.
I would never expect to find that quote anywhere in Narvik, bug I guess there's more youtube addicts in this town.

The thing is that I would love to be able to vlog everywhere I go, but since I live in a small town and not to mention THIS town, I can't really walk around talking to a camera.
It just doesn't play.
Norwegians aren't really used to people that are that open and doesn't care about what others think.
Some do, but in general, they're not used to modern technology being used in that way.

With that being said, I have a lot of respect for the famous youtubers like iJustine, Shaycarl, Charles Trippy and Alli Speed and not to mention Ray William Johnson.
They all film outside and post vlogs daily (except iJustine).
I guess people are more used to it in the US.

But anyways:
I'm thinking about shooting a video today, after I had dinner.
Just really feel like.
Check twitter later for link :)

I gotta jet!

Tatas xx

- Melissa

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