Sunday, 7 March 2010

Three weeks down, one to go!

Only one week left of this course and then I can finally focus on the jobhunt.
Wait? What?
Isn't it suppose to help me to get my focus on searching for jobs?
Yes is it, but here's the rub:
It's just like going to school and everyone knows that I'm not a fan of that.
I can focus so much more when I'm at home and I dont have 10 people around me at all times.
Don't get me wrong, though, these people in my class are really cool and nice, but I need peace and quiet when I have to write applications and stuff like that.

I wouldn't say that it was a waste of time, because I did learn a bunch of new things, but sitting there scratching my ass for almost 6 hours a day, then coming home helping mum for the rest of the day don't give me much time to do anything else.
FYI, mum had an operation in her right hand and she's going to have another one done on her left hand as soon as the right one is healed.
So it will take up to 2-3 months of healing on each hand.
Might be quicker, but I'm no doctor so what the hell do I know?

Just a random sidenote:
Most of my friends know that I've always loved makeup, but lately, I've developed an obsessive collective attitude.
Everytime I go to a store where they sell makeup or even just accessories, I go nuts, and I always leave the store with something new.
Which is why I completely lost it when I saw this collection:

How amazing is that?!?
Seeing that most of these products are from Nars, Mac and Lancome, this person must have spent a shitload of cash for all of this.
That's the new Heaven!

I have to get one of my friends to put me on a leash next time I'm at the mall, cause I can't keep spending money I really don't have on makeup crap.

And funny enough, I hear my mum shouting in the hallway.
Time for me to jet.

Tatas lovely cupcakes <3


- Melissa

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