Thursday, 27 October 2011

My new baby

I recieved my package from Makeupmekka in the mail today.
Been looking at the palettes they have for a while now, but I couldn't really decide which one to get.
I ended up with the one I knew I'd use the most.

This will get a lot of love from me.

They had one with blue, green and some purple in it, but I knew I would spend more time looking at it than I would actually use it.
Waste of money!
But anyways, I'm set for years with eyeshadow and I've put myself (once again) on the ban list for buying eyeshadow.
I guess you could say it's my one makeup related item I can't get enough of.
Also, no more nailpolish.
I'm literally painting my nails in different colours every other day, just so I can use up all the polish I have.
Such a girly girl.


- Melissa

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