Saturday, 17 December 2011


I wish I had a clever headline for this post, but I can't think of one right now.
I thought about doing a video about what happened on thursday night, but when I think about it, I don't want to show my face on video these days.
So this is what happened...

I went out on thursday afternoon to have dinner with my friend, Even.
Everything was going smoothly and I felt good.
Until midnight..
I woke up as usual with the feeling that I had to go to the bathroom, so I got out of bed, turned on the bathroom light and did my thing.
As I was sitting there, I got more and more dizzy.
Then it got so bad I decided to just go back to bed.
I didn't get that far.

When I came out in the hallway, I couldn't see a thing and passed out.
I think I was out for a few minues before I woke up and saw that I had knocked over the pieces from my old closet.
After only a few seconds, I felt the need to puke and do other things, so I literally crawled back to the bathroom, where I spent the next 20 minutes.
When I was resting my head in my hand I realized that my hand was wet.
So I turned on the light and saw that I had blood all over it.
Then I looked over in the mirror and saw that I had ripped open my jaw.
Apparently on the friggin closet in the hallway.

I had to gather my thoughts before I even dared to go out in the hallway again and I went upstairs to mum's apartment.
By that time, it was past 1 am.
She freaked out and woke up my grandparents.
After 10 minutes we were on our way to the emergencyroom.
Good thing we did, because I needed three stitches.

I did also take some pictures, so if you dont like seeing blood and stuff, don't scroll down.
Here's the before and after pics:

Right after the accident

After three stitches

Bloody band aid.
Itches like crazy.

The next day, I noticed a few scratches on my left arm.
I fell hard.
Would love to say that those are battlescars, but they are far from it.

Anyways, I just wanted to update you guys on what's going on because some people were wondering.
I wont be making any vlogs as long as I have to wear the bloody patches on my face.
I'm taking the stitches off on friday and hopefully I can stop using the band aids on tuesday.
It's going to be awkward to wear this crap to work.

But I need to get some sleep :)
Hope you guys are having a better weekend than me.


- Melissa

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