Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas 2011

I know everybody says it, but I cannot believe that 2011 is coming to an end.
I'm not going to go repeat everything that has happened this year so I'm just going to say this: Should be exciting to see if I survive 2012!

All jokes aside, it's been very rough and emotionally challenging.
I honestly don't know where I'll be this time next year.
Not even 6 months from now.
I hate not being able to plan ahead (not that I ever really plan anything), but bit's like some of my freedom is taken away from me.
I know the world is constantly changing, but for myself and my life, I have a fear of changes.

All I know is that I will move some time next year..
But when, where and how?
No clue!
For my own good, I'm not going to have any high hopes about next year.
That way, I wont get disappointed no matter what happens.
A little depressing, but that's how I get through life.

Here's a few pictures that I took yesterday and the day before.

I had a movienight with my mum on the 23rd <3

Christmas Eve :)


- Melissa

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