Sunday, 8 July 2012

''Old'' favorites rediscovered

I'm finally off work for the next three weeks, so that means more time to do things like updating my blog.

So what have I been doing this weekend?
Gone through my entire CD collection and started ripping all of my music to my iTunes library.
I don't have that many, but it would be nice to have everything in one place.
Especially since I use my ipods more than the CD's.
Besides, my stereo is probably going to heaven soon.

If you know anything about me, then you'll know that I am hopelessly in love with Gavin Degraw.
More in his music, but he's amazing all around.
So naturally, I've been listening to all of his CD's these past few days and I've re fallen in love with him.
He is seriously one of the most underrated musicians right now and I really wish that more people knew of him.
But no matter...

Over to something completely different, though...
Have I ever told you how much I HATE the summer/sun?
Well, I really do.
I'm sitting here covered in sunrash and it itches like a mofo!
I did some research online and since I'm so pale, I should avoid the sun.
I cannot tell you how much that sucks.
I'm not a fan of the heat, but it would be nice if I could walk out the door for 5 minutes without having to worry about getting a rash.
So it looks like I have to pile on a bunch of clothes in the heat to avoid it, on top of wearing a very high SPF.
My entire neck is covered with red dots and I swear I'm going to itch myself to death.
Sounds so gross and it is, so I'm just going to leave this subject and shut up.

Even though, I had dinner before noon today, I'm going to make something to eat now.
I have so much to do, but I need some fuel before I can continue.


I hope ya'll are having a fantastic day and I will get out of your hair.



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