Saturday, 3 April 2010

Does it ever end?

So today I shot my new youtube video and I was so happy with it after I finished editing that I was excited to upload it to youtube.
What could possibly go wrong?
Well, the laptop I was editing on crashed right after I was done and refused to be turned back on again.
After a riot that scared away my cat, I decided to edit the video again on my other computer.

About 2 hours later, windows movie maker didn't want to save my finished video, so this means that I've wasted 5 hours shooting and editing a video that will never see its light of day on youtube.
I really do believe that I will die from a heartattack caused by a computer meltdown.

But it's the same thing if you've worked hard on a project and it goes to hell.
You either get really upset or very angry.
I always get angry and then maybe very upset depending on the project.
Like right now, I'm so angry I'm close to throwing the TV out the window without even opening it.
That's pretty bad!
In times like these, counting to ten don't work.
But all I have to do is to step away from the computer before I do something I will regret.

Which is why I've had 24 cellphones in about 7 years.
Don't ask!

I'm getting some help from my lovely British friend Stuart with the editing software, so hopefully I'll sort something out.

I'm getting ready for bed now, so goodnight everyone ;)


- Melissa

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