Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Packages are FUN!

Whoop whoop!
I've been waiting for this one for over 4 weeks, so I was very excited when I finally got it in the mail.
I ordered everything from Yves Rocher.

- The first thing is a minipack of 3 eyeshadows in different pink shades, a mascara and a lipgloss.
- Then the eyeshadow quartet from Yria, which I was so excited about.
I got £20 off it so that was a must have.
- After that, there's loose power in beige naturel from Luminelle.
- A black creamy eyeliner natural origin from Yves Rocher.
- Yria age repair nail nailpolish.
- Yria lipstick #401 beige sable.

God, I love makeup.
I was at my mums when I was unpacking and she was staring at me the whole time.
For some reason I was screaming out loud when I took these things out of the box.
I already knew what was in it, so why I was screaming, I have no idea.
I looked at my mum and she just sent me this ''You're so pathetic'' look and looked away.
She continued with '' I remember when you had that reaction when you got your xbox and nintendo 64, but screaming your ass off for makeup, really?''
She has a point though.

But I did try a new look yesterday with my Q31 Aquarius quartet.
I used two different aqua blue shades and the purple shadow as an eyelineron the lower lash line.

I do love this look, but people who ''know'' a lot about makeup says that if you have blue eyes you shouldn't wear blue eyeshadow, but I say: Whatever!
And yes, I'm aware that I look a bit ''off'' in this pic.
It was like 11 at night and I was tired.

I got so much paperwork to do and I hate it more than anything I can think of right now, so wish my luck.
I need coffee ASAP!

Love you guys


- Melissa

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