Monday, 7 June 2010

More active than myspace?

Oh yeah sure.
At least that's what I said when I started this blog.
But meh!
I use twitter, facebook and youtube daily, so I really don't want to blog all the time :)

But anyways:

I took on the challenge to vlog everyday of this month, and so far I have uploaded daily as promised.
I can't imagine getting through it if I didnt have a topic everyday.
Like Myles Dyer.
He did the sixty second september challenge last year, and he even said that he was struggling to come up with things to do/talk about everyday.
So props for him making awesome vids everyday.
I'm trying to not be too boring, so bare with me people :)

In other news:

I am already starting to think about what to pack for my trip to Brentwood next month.
I'm flying with Norwegian this time (hence cheap ticket) and they are a total nightmare when it comes to baggage and how many kilos you can have.
SAS is so much better to deal with and both times I checked in my baggage I had like 5 kilos overweight.
I thought that I at least had to pay for it, but nope.
Because I checked in early and because SAS is nicer, I didnt have to, so I saved about £60.
Which is AWESOME!

But now I'm starting to rant so I'm going to wrap this up.

Getting a headache from rocking out to bluegrass, country and horrible pop songs, so I'm going to have a shower and head to bed.

Tatas xx

- Melissa

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