Friday, 25 June 2010


Sounds very gross and that's exactly what my night was like.
I got sick last night, for some wierd and unknown reason, and I rarely get sick.
So when I get sick, I really feel like ass.

Spent my day sleeping, watching movies and forced myself to do a vlog today.
Got like 5 days left on my vlog challenge and I know fo shizzle that I will never do a challenge like this again.
I now have a new respect for all of you daily vloggers out there.

And one thing is that my life is way too boring to be vlogging everyday right now.
I mean, if I had cute kids like Shay Carl or awesome dogs and a fiance like Charles Trippy, I'd be vlogging everyday too.


I'm now off to upload my new vlog for today.

Tatas peeps <33


- Melissa

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