Sunday, 20 June 2010

Where's Yo baby?

That's exactly what my grandma sounds like.
She started when I was 17 and now when I'm close to 22 she's still going strong.
I mean, just because my grandma and my mum had kids when they were 19 doesn't mean that I will too.
My mum knows that I don't want kids and why, but my grandma doesn't understand it.
She can be so thick sometimes, and not just when it comes to the babyissue.
She's also nagging about when/if I get married what my husband would feel about that.
And that's when I always look at her and tell her that if we get married, the babyissue is already solved, and second of all what makes you so sure I'll marry a guy?
My orientation haven't sunk in yet, and I' guessing it wont any time soon.
It's funny, because she's ''okay'' with gay people as long as they aren't someone in the family.
Which in my mind means that she's not okay with them.
And that reminds me:
She's the aunt to one of the gayest guys I've ever met.
And she never appears to have any issues with him.
So yeah, she's a bit of a wierdo.

But back to the babies...

I get asked all the time why I don't want kids, and the answer is simple, but many people still don't understand why.
I guess they are too caught up with the fact that it's the ''normal'' to to want and get when you grow up, but there's so many people that aren't fitted parents.
I'm not a bad person, but I'm too selfish and too fond of my freedom to ''ruin'' it with kids.
I've always said that I'd have animals instead and I have a cat right now, so she's my little kid.
So much easier to deal with.
I have been working with kids and I love it.
It's so rewarding, but I also got it confirmed that I will never have kids of my own.

So I have this answers some of your questions that I have been getting for a little while now.

I better jet..

See you all laters <3


- Melissa

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  1. "what makes you so sure I'll marry a guy?"
    I knew it!

    I jest.

    But I understand why some people don't want kids. You should tell them it's never too late to change your mind, so there's really no need for anyone to worry about it. You can always adopt when you're 82. Or even better: Freeze some eggs now, when you're young, just in case you want to grow a test tube baby! :D