Sunday, 19 September 2010

Oslo baby!

We're having a lazy sunday here in Hønefoss/Oslo.
My bff is doing some school assignment and his bf is doing some other type work thing.
I'm just sitting here surfing online catching up on recent events.
Not much going on this weekend, though.

Yesterday, we were looking around town doing some shopping and later in the evening we went with some friends to the bowling alley.
Pizza, buzz on PS and inside jokes were to follow after that.
All in all a good saturday night.

Today, there's a bloody soccer game on TV, so that means that my friend is going to be busy for a few hours.
I honestly don't get the fuzz, but he loves it.
Apart from that I don't really think we have any plans today.
Making tacos later, though.

Tomorrow, we're taking the bus into Oslo city to do some more shopping.
I will drop by mac and check out what the big thing is about those makeup products, even though I know I can't afford to buy a lot.


I'll get off here and do some reading.

Tatas xx

 - Melissa

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