Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Weekend Trip!

So I am going to Oslo to visit my bestfriend this weekend.
I'm staying with him and his boyfriend and I'm so excited.
I've never been in Oslo (except the airport), so this is new.
Only going to be there from Friday and then I leave early Tuesday morning.
That will give us good time to hang out and from my friend to give me a tour of that bloody town.
Can you tell I'm a big fan of Oslo?
I know I shouldn't judge a town without even have seen it, but I honestly know that I won't like it.
Now London, on the other hand, I love... With every inch of my body...
Gorgeous city and a bunch of beautiful brits.
In Oslo you only get a bunch of stuck up, snobby aholes..

But anyways:

There will be pics to follow so stay tuned pretty people <3


- Melissa

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