Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Back to reality

Been home for three days now and I feel so alone.

My familysituation is a bloody nightmare and I'm just fed up.
I miss everyone in Brentwood and I can't wait to get back.
Too bad I have to wait to June before I can visit again :(

Here's my favorite picture of all time, btw:

Me and Vanda with the lovely chaps from Stick Around For Joy at the Heavy Load gig <3
Best night of my life!

We stayed with Mel, Dan and two cats :)
Thanks again for letting us stay at your place, guys.
Miss you :)

After the Heavy Load gig we went to Nigel's house and made pizza at around midnight:

Fun times :)
No wonder I love these guys.

By the way:

I've decided that I'm going to quit school.
Before you start judging me I just gotta say that school has always been difficult for me and I've never been good at it.
That doesn't make me dumb, but lets face it, not everyone is cut out for school.
I know what I can do and I know what I can't do and school is one of those things I can't handle.
Can't imagine what my mum will say when she finds out, but she's going to freak out.
But as always, she can't put herself in my shoes and understand what I go through.

But enough of the schoolchat.
Makes me depressed.
There's nothing in the world that makes me more depressed than school and it's not because I don't like it, but it's because I'm not schoolsmart.
Makes me feel like an ass!
Now I can focus on my maingoal and that is to get the hell away from this place and hopefully end up in Brentwood ASAP!
All I can do now, is to work my ass off, save up money and I'm outta here suckers!

Since I don't have school during the day, I'm hoping I can start being as creative as I want with my youtube vids and actually learn how to edit a friggin video.
I might be a tech geek, but all I know of editing is windows movie maker and that is LOW!
Don't judge me.

Well, I gotta dash lovely cupcakes...
Tatas xx

- Melissa

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