Sunday, 19 June 2011

Cleaning in progress!

There's something about spring and summer that makes me want to change things around my house.
I go crazy with cleaning and redecoration.
So yesterday I decided to take down a shelf and put it under the other I had so I could make like a big bookshelf.
Turned out great too.
As I was cleaning out the mess, I found a photoalbum (which is empty) and I noticed that it's been a while since the last time I had a cleaning fit.
I better get a grip when it comes to keeping it clean around here.
Always been my weakspot because I'm so insanely lazy.

Inbetween everything else, I did find something I got as a birthday present a few years back.
An asian style umbrella.
So gorgeous!

I also went though my books and DVD's.
I have so much crap and my book collection keeps growing.
Notice the two cult films in the middle.
The Crow and The Breakfast Club.

Felt good to get organized, though.
Even if it made me a little bit dizzy and gave me the headache from hell.

It's getting rather late now and I better get my butt in bed before I end up sitting up to 1 am.
I always end up with 2-3 hours of sleep on sunday nights before the weekend kind of messes my sleeping schedule up.
Have a good week people :)


- Melissa


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