Sunday, 26 June 2011

I iz hiding

It's been a very long and not to mention quiet weekend.
I honestly don't know why I'm wiped out, so that's why I'm covering half my face.

I'm also wearing my reading/computer glasses so I hate getting the reflection of the screen on my glasses.
But whatever!

Apparently, my mum wants to take some pics of me and my cat Anna.
She says she just wants some new pictures of me, but to be honest, I think she just wants some pictures to show the cops when my bf kidnaps me to the US.
Weird theory, but even though she's trying to adjust to it all, I do believe she thinks that something will go wrong once I get there.
She might be right and she might be wrong.
I choose not to fill my head with more crap and focus on other things.

Like wrapping up this post so I can hit the ladiesroom before I pee myself.
Have a lovely sunday evening :)


- Melissa

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