Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Fix it!!

So I've been driving myself crazy over the washing machine at work.
It literally exploded almost 3 weeks ago and the entire laundryroom was covered with water.

This is the machine in its current state.
Momma ain't happy cleaning the mops by hand.
And oh yeah, the machine is 25 years old.
Bloody hell!
Hopefully it will get fixed this week.
If not, I'm going to throw a bitch fit.

But when I'm pissed at the machine, I sit down in the breakroom and read a little to calm down.
I am reading ''One Day'' by David Nicholls.
Apparently its turned into a film that premiers this fall in Norway.
When I finish the book and if I really love it, I wont see the movie.
I'm kind of weird like that.
If I love a book, then I don't want to see the movie based on it.
Harry Potter is an exception, though.
Another example is the movie ''Confessions of a shopaholic''.
Adore the movie, but I don't want to read the books the movie is based on.
It's quite odd, really.

But who knows, I might get too curious not to watch the movie.
As I'm writing this it's getting close to my bedtime and I barely sleep anymore, so I need all the sleep I can get.
Thanks to my boyfriend for showing me how to use that bloody piratebay site.
I'm up all night watching tv shows and I can't seem to shut my laptop off.

I'm off to bed and I hope you guys have an awesome night.


- Melissa

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