Monday, 2 August 2010

I'm a busy bee

So yeah, I've been working a lot since I got back from Brentwood and I haven't really had time to do certain things, but to be honest, I can't complain.
Been unemployed for 7 months, so I'm excited to finally have a job :)
It is, on the other hand, A LOT of work.
Who knew being a receptionist is this much work?
I sure as hell didn't.
Last week was a complete nightmare because I was basically on trial.
I was having major issues with learning the booking system on the computer, and I swear I felt like the biggest asshole because I couldn't figure the system out.
But I finally managed to do everything on my own when I was alone at work on Saturday and I was so proud of myself..


I'm off now for a few days and I'll be working Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Going to be a rough weekend.
What I can do to put myself in a better mood is to look at these pictures:

I fell completely in love with that orangutan.
He was soooo gorgeous and those eyes were amazing!
To bad I didn't get a good picture.
That one was taken by Mel, I believe.

Then there was Bailey, the male lion at Colechester Zoo..
Needless to say that I was over the moon to be standing 1 meter away from him.
Absolutely beautiful <3

The last one was taken at The Swan in Brentwood on my birthday.
From the left: Dan, me, Paul, Stuart and Nick.
Mel was taking this picture as well ^_^

So I'm gonna head to bed before I fall asleep in front of my computer, which in fact has happened before.
(No comment on that one, by the way).

Talk to you lovely people laters <3


- Melissa

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