Sunday, 29 August 2010

1 more day

Now I'm starting to get VERY nervous.
In under 24 hours I'll be picking up Wayne at the airport in Narvik and honestly, I really don't know what to expect.
It's not that I'm worried, but I don't know how to react when I see him.
Maybe it's just the nerves talking, cause I always get a gut feeling if something's not right.
And I'm not getting any ''signs'' that there might be anything to worry about.

Nothing much has happened this week.
Just been watching 3 season of True Blood in like 5-6 days.
I've been that bored, that I decided to watch a show I swore never to watch.
It wasnt that bad, but it wasnt that exciting either.

But now I realized that I still have some crap I have to do.
Talk to you guys laters..


- Melissa

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  1. So, when do we get an update on how it all went?