Sunday, 22 August 2010

TWiT overload

I just checked my iTunes and apparently I haven't been listening to podcasts for forever and 5 days.
So, now I'm trying to catch up on about 30 different podcasts that has been building up over the past month.
If you don't know what TWiT is, that's short for This Week in Tech and it's hosted by Leo Laporte.
He's actually the reason why I'm on twitter and the reason why I'm so addicted.

Been listening to his shows for almost 2 years now and I swear on my iphone that if he wasnt over 50, married and had kids, I'd totally go after him.. lol
He's brilliant and has one of the best radio voices I've ever heard.
Each podcast is almost an hour and a half long, but it's so entertaining that the time fly by quickly.

Something that I find cool is that they now have This Week in Fun, This Week in Law and other type of shows that talks about certain subjects.


I'm playing games on while listening to TWiT #258.
Got 3 more podcasts to listen to, so I'm happy that I don't have much left.
But I think I have to stop playing and get around to clean up a bit in my place.
And I should also clean the litterbox, which I'm always excited about.
Can you smell the sarcasm?
(I smell something, allright!)


- Melissa

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