Thursday, 19 August 2010

On my wishlist

I am looking at a bunch of things online that I REALLY want, but obviously can't afford.
I did, on the other hand, order a new pair of boots the other day.

I've been drooling over these for the last 3-4 weeks, so when I got a mail saying that I could pick an item and get 50% off, I was going crazy.
So I'll get these babies in the mail within a week.
(Damn, I'm gonna be close to 6'2 in these)

I am slightly ashamed that I'm drooling over this next item, though.

A leather jacket.
And the pricetag is £384 or 616 dollars, which isnt horrible, but its real leather and I dont wear that or fur.
Doesnt matter either way, because I could never afford a 384 pound jacket.

And the last thing I want:

The only reason I chose this over a nintendo ds is because I can get a tekken game on the psp.
Yes, I'm a HUGE tekken fan >_<

So that's what's on my wish/droolinglist right now.
I gotta go and let Anna out.
She's been staring at the kitchenwindow for hours now.

Byes xx

- Melissa


  1. OOOoooooo.... Those boots are sexxay. I bet they look fantastic in airports