Monday, 4 April 2011

That's dirty!

For some reason, I've been exhausted all day.
Even since before I got out of bed this morning.
But I still managed to be productive and clean the ceiling, the litterbox, the dishes and the floor.
Must admit that I was slightly grossed out when I looked at the mop after I was done cleaning the ceiling.

And this was after cleaning only 30% of it.
Nasty shit!

But it had to be done and now I'm pretty pleased with myself.
Gonna snuggle up in bed and go to sleep early.

I did find a funny tshrit at work last week and I forgot to put up a picture, but here it is:
It's in Norwegian, so some of you might not understand it, but whatever :)

Before I fall asleep in front of my laptop (again), I'm gonna post this and go to sleep.
Hope you had a nice relaxing start to the week :)


- Melissa

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