Thursday, 7 April 2011

Oh motherfudging crap ass weather!

Don't even comment on the title of this post.
I had no idea what to call it.
I've been listening to the radio every morning at work and they were raving about spring and how lovely it is to get rid of all the snow.
Well, we're not that lucky in my town.

This was taken yesterday and it still looks like this today.
Spring is here, they say?
No, its bloody not!

Slightly pissed off, but what can I do?
Dont have the energy to sit around and be pissed off at something I can't change, so I shouldn't bother.

Wayne is coming to visit me tomorrow and he's staying for over a week, so that should be a nice distraction :)
I was hoping that he would get the opportunity to experience the Norwegian winter with 10x times more snow and -15 C, but I wasn't THAT lucky! ;)

Kind of mean, but seeing that he's from California, he doesn't really know what a real winter is, so it would have been hella funny to see his reaction to our ''lovely'' winter weather.

But I should probably start cleaning the place, so it doesnt look like Hitler's army took a dump in my apartment.

Have a great day everyone :)


- Melissa

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  1. ahhh its so nice and warm here in Trondheim now, and yeah the snow is gone. Is really springtime :P