Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sunday already?

Oh dear, the week is already over.
I've been so busy with loads of things that I haven't even had time to blog.

I got woken up around 5 am by Anna, who was making a shitload of noises, which is very unusual because she's the the most quiet cat in the world.
Apparently, she had just thrown up in the kitchen.
So I got up, cleaned it up and went back to bed, where I found Anna sleeping next to my pillow.
She looked so shabby and I felt so bad for her that I just let her sleep.
I don't really like having her in my bed because because of germs and all that stuff, but I didnt have the heart to wake her.

I slept a few more hours before I got up for good and when I was eating breakfast, she wanted to sleep in my lap.
Of course I couldn't say no and I saw this as a golden opportunity to take sleepypics of her:

She's so insanely cute when she sleeps and she sometimes makes funny noises too.
I love her <3

But after her little nap on my lap (LOL for choice of words) she started to look like her usual self.
Maybe she got sick because of those tiny rocks in her litterbox that she tends to eat all the time.
Silly cat!
But I'm glad she's feeling better now.

I am, on the other hand, not looking forward to tomorrow.
I have to set my alarm to 4:50 am and be at work around 6:30.
Hopefully, I won't have too much to do at work.
I hate starting off the week with a packed monday schedule.
So keeping my fingers crossed for that.

For some weird reason, I feel like I just had something to eat but it's been 5 hours and it's nearly dinnertime.
I suppose I have to get off my ass and make some dinner.
Have a great sunday everyone :)
Loving my X-Men shirt by the way <3


- Melissa

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