Monday, 18 April 2011

Everything has changed!

So I'm sitting here at home just thinking about these past few weeks and how much everything has changed.
My boyfriend came all the way from California to visit me and I knew that certain things would change within a week.
But I had no idea how much it would change.
But I'll get to that soon...

We've been out and about every single day at different places to have lunch and dinner.
The one place we went back to at least 3 times was Viva Italia.
Decent food at a decent price.
I fell in love with this dish.
A chicken toast with a salad and currydressing.
Hated the dressing, though.
The feta cheese kind of put me off to begin with, but I am now officially in love with that stuff.
I always avoided it in the grocerstore because it looks slightly gross in the jar, but I'm picking some up the next time I go shopping.

We took a tiny little roadtrip to Harstad on friday just so my friend Even could eat at Dolly Dimples.
The food was okay, but I still prefer Peppes Pizza.
Other than that, we just walked around town.

We also went bowling earlier last week, and I got my ass kicked.
Never really been good, but I had a period years ago, when I went bowling every week.
But anyways...

The biggest news of the week:
I got engaged! <3
I'm so happy!
But this also means that I'm moving to California.
But I have to get my visa first.
Oh lordy!
I'm in for an interesting year.
I'll keep you posted on my blog.
Won't be going on and on about this on my youtube channel.

Thanks for all the lovely comments from the gorgeous people on facebook.
Means the world to me to have your support :)

I have a vlog to edit!
See you laters :)


- Melissa

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