Monday, 18 January 2010

What a night!

I noticed around 11 PM last night that I would not be able to sleep.
Around 1 AM I decided to curl my hair and it ended up like this:

I was very happy with it.
Curling my hair is close to impossible, but for some reason I actually pulled it off.


When it was almost 2 AM I randomly turned on the videocamera and then stuff just happened.
After that, I edited and uploaded it.
I must say I'm pretty pleased with it.
For a first try of actually editing a video, it turned out good.

While I was editing I thought of a lot of cool ideas for future videos, so I was multitasking for a few hours.
Editing, writing and cleaning.
I'm good, I know :)

I wrapped up my video around 5 AM and I went to bed one hour later.
Just because I had nothing to do.
Could have stayed up longer, but I would be too bored.

Now, its about 3 PM and I'm thinking about giving Anna a bath.
I think she knows, cause she's hiding under my bed.
It's not that she gets into a fight with me when I'm giving her a bath, but she does not like it.
I know some catowners that never gives their cat a bath and I give Anna one once a month.
But I mean, she walking all around my place and even jumps in my bed sometimes.
I really don't want 4 years of dirt in my bed, if you know what I mean.

Gotta get off my computer for a while, though.
Talk to you lovely oreos later!


- Melissa

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