Sunday, 10 January 2010

I forgot about you

Seriously, I did.
And by that, I mean I forgot about my blog.
Haven't really had anything to blog about.
Just spent this week being pissed about that job I started but it ended long before I wanted it to.
Now I have to find a fulltime job, which is these days, impossible.
But I really don't want this little job thing to ruin the start of such a great year.
And how do I know that this year will be great?
Cause I wont settle for anything else but great.
So this year started with me kinda getting a job, losing it and having an insanely bad date (long story).
This is where the picture comes in.
After that horrible date, I came home swearing like I've never done before and I looked down and saw my cat, Anna, sending me the most innocent look in the world.
So when I saw this picture, it made think of her.

So 2010 didn't have the best start, but I wont let that ruin it.
So much happened last year and I learned so much about different things and not to mention, I learned a lot about myself :)
This year will be even better.


It's bedtime for me, so I'll see you lovely oreos later.


- Melissa

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