Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Animal testing

I was surfing online a few days ago to look for stores where they sold certain makeup brands, but what I found really made me sick.

This is just madness.
I even found lists over the makeup brands that test on animals and the ones that doesn't.

These test on animals:

- Adidas
- Clearasil
- Colgate
- Compeed
- Garnier
- Jennifer Lopez
- Lacoste
- Lancôme
- Isadora
- L'Oréal
- Maybelline
- D&G
- Gilette
- Kanebo
- Max factor
- Sarah Jessica Parker

This really ruined my day because I really love Isadora and some products from L'Oréal, Maybelline and Lancôme, but it's not worth it.

These, on the other hand, does not test on animals:

- Estée Lauder
- Chanel
- Dior
- Calvin Klein
- The Body Shop
- Nivea
- Donna Karen
- Wella
- Clinique
- Tommy Hilfiger
- Mac
- Mary Kay
- I.d Bare minerals
- Gosh
- Dome Cosmetics
- Victoria´s Seecret
- Bobbi Brown
- DG

Thank god for Gosh and Mac.
I really love those labels and I would have been sad if I couldn't use them.

Here's another picture that almost made me cry:

Think about these poor animals the next time you're out buying cosmetics.
I am definitely staying away from the products I used to buy and only buy animal friendly stuff from now on.

It's just heartbreaking :'(

Feel free to share this blog post to anyone you know.
We might not be able to stop animal testing but we can spread the word around :)

Love ya!


- Melissa


  1. If these things are done to poor animals who cannot speak for themselves, by those people who call themselves educated we should stop using those products which do such act of cruelty to them.....

  2. this is cruel people who do this should be made to have cosmetics tested on them and find out all the torture and pain these animals go through on a daily basis

  3. this made me cry too

  4. i cant beleive people woud do crap like that.
    i also cried. :(

  5. that's just pure EVIL! i mean, who could be so heartless enough to do that? <=( thx 4 the list too, i'm definetly not using L'Oreal anymore...

  6. You need to update your Blog. The Body Shop was bought out by L'oreal. That means they are connected now to animal testing. If you buy products from Body Shop your money is indirectly going to the parent company who will continue testing on animals. AVOID BODY SHOP. Can you please adjust your post?

  7. Wow, im glad im doing my research paper on this. its sad what animals go through for make-up, shampoo, perfume, (etc.) i havent used make-up since i saw whats happening to animals. its been about 3 weeks. i usually put eyeliner on everyday. now i dont. i would like to find products that are animal friendly because animals make up the world. Thank you, Melissa!
    (: <3

  8. it is just wrong that animals have to suffer for something as stupid as makeup!

  9. Don't show animals just to get attention...
    -The first dog was burned by a drunk! The Vet had put tubes in him to drain the fluids from his face / head.
    -The second dog is getting "chemo therapy" to get rid of cancer that has spread.