Sunday, 3 January 2010

Coffee insomniac?

This picture wasn't suppose to look so depressing, but I guess I'm too tired to pull off a happier look.
Anyways, starting my new job tomorrow and I almost forgot that I have to meet my boss and give back my keys so my poor replacement can get in to the docs office.

I better get some sleep soon, but I don't think ot helps that I've been drinking coffee like crazy for the past four hours.
Have been looking for my purse as well.
Can't go anywhere without it and I also need to find something to wear tomorrow.

Guess I'll just watch another episode of Ugly Betty and then hit the sack.

Tatas xx

- Melissa


  1. haha i love how you said a million things you needed to do then signed off telling us you were gunna watch tv and go to bed

  2. Hey,
    I have given you an award on my blog.