Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Samsung U10

Finally got my new videocamera.
I didn't really afford buying it, but I was too tempted.

The camera in itself is very easy to use, but the editing software that comes with it is a bit annoying.
Well, I guess all editing programs are difficult for me cause I have no editing skills what so ever!
I am on the other hand working on my skills.
I have a ton of ideas for cool youtube videos, but I need better lighting, a tripod and a greenscreen.
If you have any tips on how to get these things cheap, please let me know :)
But over to the camera.
- Easy to use
- Simple to manage filmclips and pics
- Nice design and easy to carry around
- The zoom on the cam is kinda off, meaning that you have to keep the camera far away from your face to be in the picture
- Need good lighting to film inside (VERY good lighting)
But for that price, its good :)
I payed 300 dollars or around £185, if you're from the lovely UK :)
- Melissa

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