Wednesday, 9 December 2009


So I looked around online after a job and I came across a job as a nanny for a baby.
The funny part is that when I looked at the name of the person who posted the ad, I found out that she was the previous owner of my cat, Anna.
So I called her up and said that I was interested in the job.
Apparently, she was very happy because she knows me and she can trust me, which is good :)
So we're gonna meet up next week and discuss further.
If I end up with less hours than I need, I might have to get another part time job as well.
There's no chance in hell that I'm keeping my current one.
Makes me sick just thinking about it.

Now, that I have one problem less to worry about, I can focus on getting my crib ready for Xmas :)
Looks like a shothole!
I did sort my closet out yesterday.
Threw away a bunch of old clothes and the rest I'm going to give to charity.
No need to throw away decent clothes that still be can worn.


Just found this picture.
When in the UK I always complaining about my 1 hour jetlag, so when she got back she sent me this:

Very Classy, Vanda! :p

But I gotta start cleaning my desk again.
The only thing, besides the kitchen, that always gets messy the day after a big cleanup.
I don't get it.

See ya laters lovely cupcakes!


- Melissa

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  1. oh hello nanny :) i'm glad you found something, i should do something as well, coz this journalist stuff sucks :) i dont get much money i mean.
    and yea classy picture :)