Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Don't panic!

I realize that my last blog post was a bit depressing and it seems I might have scared a few people.
Don't worry!
I'm still alive and I'm trying as good as I can to deal with the crap I have in front of me.
I've gone through a lot for being this young and I just keep wondering when it all is going to end and something good would come along, for once.
It may sound like I'm giving up, but HELLO?!?
I'm from Narvik and we're known for being strong..

Well, at least I am..

When I feel like absolute crap and nothing can get darker, I always seem to find pictures that just puts a huge smile on my face.
Here's a few examples:

Vanda, Nigel, me and Richard and Juliana in the background.
Picture was taken at Brentwood Theater on the 15th of November.
Heavy Load gig :D

After like 5 years, I still find this insanely amusing..
Can you blame me?

James and Francesca at the airport on the 17th of November.
They were dropping this lovely lady off :)


Me, James and Francesca at the Hafdis Huld gig on the 18th of November.
It was awesome and especially since we got to meet her.

I know for sure that this was a huge moment for James :p

And here's the last one for now.
The lovely people I got to spend most of my time with while in Brentwood/Hutton/London (is that enough slashes?).
Is it just me or do we all look a bit uncomfortable?
Just me?
I thought so..

But anyways:
I'm hanging in there and I'm literally living off of my creativity.
Trying to focus on my youtube videos, blog and other stuff that just makes me happy.
Thanks for the support, cupcakes <3

See you next time!


- Melissa

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  1. haha the pictures make me laugh all the time as well! (the moses one is ace! XD) and yea... the couch was too narrow for all of us :)
    keep your chin up girly, we all love you!! xx