Thursday, 17 December 2009

Anna <3

Okay, how lame is this?
I'm writing a whole blog post about my cat.
Once we're on the subject, I might just add that she drove me mad last night.
For the first three months I had her, she always slept in my bed, which left me very little space to sleep on.
Now, I'm trying to get her off the thought of even jumping in my bed in the morning, which is a total FAIL!
I even made her a bed with pillows and blankets and stuff.
Does she sleep in it?
She sits in the chair next to my bed and stares at me until I fall asleep.
Then, the little bastard sneaks in my bed and don't think I would notice if she shoves her ass in my face.
Every night I wake up at least 25 times to put her back in bed and then return to mine. Nightmare!
But when you're this cute, you get away with murder xD

I think I took it on Halloween.
For once, I actually managed to take a pic where Anna looks decent.
She always looks away, sneeze or close her eyes.

This was taken the day I got her :)
That was a good day!
She's even sleeping in my bed already xD

She also follows me everywhere.
Here she's on her way after me in the bathroom.

I tried a new app on my iPhone that's called iVideoCamera and I didn't think I would be able to film with my 3G, but now I can :)
Here's she is sleeping in that god damn chair:

Some say she looks scary and might have to agree, but I know her and she's nowhere near being scary.


I have a few things to do before I can sit down and listen to Phoenixfm for 4 hours.
See ya lovely cupcakes!


- Melissa

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