Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas madness!

So I ended up spending xmas with my mum even though I didn't really want to.
Same thing with my grandparents.
Every year on the 23rd we got to Ballangen, which is a 45 minute drive from where we live, and decorate the graves of people I don't even know/remember.
It's become this lame and insanely boring tradition, but I told them that this year would be my last.
As of next xmas, I'm going to start my own tradition and hopefully I would get a bigger apartment on the other side of town by then.
I really want to celebrate xmas in England next year but I'm not getting my hopes up.
I'm not even going to plan it, cause everytime I plan something, it just goes right down the shitter.
When it comes to my dream of living in England, I'll just have to be patient.
That's easier said than done.


I gave Anna a bath today and she really wasn't in the mood of a shower.
I'm tempted to rename her Spike because she looks like one of them fishes that blow up and have spikes all over.
No clue what they are called.
She looks so cute when she jumps out of the bathtub, stares at the door and almost starts singing.
I didn't really catch the lyrics, but I think it was something like this:

"Wade in the water"

No, I'm not being racist.
Not my fault that my cat is black.

No seriously, I'm not a racist, but can you really blame me for being a little "scared"?
Everytime something happens and you hear about it on the news, there always someone with a different culture behind it all.
I'm just giving my own personal opinion.
I have a lot of black friends and I'm not treating them any different than I treat my other friends, so don't even try to call me racist.
Enough of this subject though.

I'm going to have dinner with mum in about an hour and after that my bestfriend is picking me up to go bowling.
Looking forward to that :)

I gotta jet though, so I'll catch ya'll lovely oreos later!


- Melissa

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